Lion Pub Bar Exquisite Bar Table Premium

* Wooden Material : Mahogany Wood
* Made using kiln dried Indonesian mahogany wood.
* Cultivated mahogany wood sourced from Indonesian government.
* Wood is dense hardwood with high oil contents which makes the wood highly durable
* Handcrafted, hand carved (not mass produced)
* Mahogany finish ( by negotiable )
* Beveled front edge ( by negotiable )
* Corinthian columns
* Plinth base
* Dovetail drawers
* Open compartments
* Customized marble top surfaces available ( by negotiable )
* Cabinet w/ shelves, removable ( by negotiable and design )
* Cabinet doors w/ raised beveled paneled surfaces ( by negotiable and design )
* Antiqued brass pull ( by negotiable )
* Tongue & groove joinery ( by negotiable )
* Traditional style

All our teak furniture is audited and issued with a SVLK certificate certifying that the teak has been legally harvested and that the furniture can be sold and marketed in any country. Protect and Care for your furniture Solid wood furniture requires proper maintenance to ensure it will last over generations. Even kiln dried solid wood can crack, split, or warp if exposed to extreme conditions, or unfriendly environments. Proper care includes using suitable polishes, waxes, and nutrient oils, to feed and protect the wood from any extremes, such as humidity, or extreme dryness. For more information on proper furniture care.


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Lion Pub Bar is the exquisite Bar Table Premium in a luxurious style bar furniture

This exquisite mahogany bar was constructed using many carved antique components. The main bar features a round, beveled, center mirror; also curved, leaded cabinets, glass cabinet shelves, and carved lion head, stained-glass cabinets on each side and door.
Below is a single drawer in the back bar flanked by shelves, and a further set of three shelves in the front bar. The front bar is ornately carved having four panels, surrounded with fine moldings and columns on either side. The canopy has a mahogany ceiling design and structural details of the front bar include carved, and a brass foot rail The front bar has matching columns and paneled front. This bar would look great in your home or in a private event space.

Made from mahogany wood legal certificated with the world evolving to become more eco-friendly, this product is the vanguard of that effort, it is 100% eco-friendly.

Additional information

Dimensions 240 × 220 × 220 cm


ART CLASSIC has finally taken one step forward toward responsible logging and became one of many companies in Indonesia who obtain the SVLK Certification.
This is based on The Ministry of Forestry regulation number P.38/Menhut-II/2009 which launched in September 2009 concerning standard and guidelines on assessment of performance of sustainable production forest management and verification of timber legality for license holders.

SVLK is the main key in entering the international wood furniture market. It’s certified that the manufacturer production use environmentally and friendly raw material which is managed by Indonesian government.
This also means that all of ART CLASSIC’s products come from legal sources and all our export will be accompanied by V-Legal document. Has been certified with number of certification : LVLK-003/MUTU/LK/667  support ART CLASSIC  to be more confidence in joining the global market competition.

And, most of all hopefully will increase the demand in production. Having SVLK certification expected to gain more comfortable in doing business with the customer, and finally also keep a good relationship for a long time.

Shipping and Packaging

  1. Type of Packing Done.
    We do the packing of goods by using multilayer packaging, plastic wrappers, plastic bubbles and foam, but it all depends on the buyer’s request. To maintain the safety of goods, we sometimes pack it with wooden crates. The packaging using wooden crates makes the packaging large, but it is very necessary for the safety of the goods during the trip. That way, the goods will be safe at their destination.

  2. Solution If Goods Cannot Enter The Room.
    If the item is still too large to enter your room, one of the methods that can be used is to open the item before being put into the room. After the item is opened then divide it into sections. When ordering a chair, you can remove parts such as pillows and legs to make them smaller in size and lighter. After everyone enters the room, all that remains is to leave the assembly and be placed in the designated room. How to open the packaging

After the goods have arrived at your place to be displayed in the store or used, there are several things to do. We provide the following steps in opening the package when the goods arrive.

Ensuring the Quality of Goods when Received
Make sure the goods you receive are in good condition. If you notice damage to outside packaging such as cartons or crates, you must show the shipping officer Report if there is damage to the goods Because furniture damage due to transportation is not our guarantee.
We also advise you to take pictures of inappropriate products or damaged outer packaging and send them to our email with the order details, for us to match the goods that have been brought by the sender.

Damage records must also be recorded on the Proof of Delivery. We have delivered to various buyer / customer, it is not possible for us to do damage on purpose. If there is indeed damage and it is purely negligence from us, then we will replace the items with new ones in the next order.

Assemble Furniture

Most of our furniture does not require assembly. But there are things consumers need to do such as tightening the legs of the sofa or installing a simple table leg.

There are some items where the back foot uses a plate material where the screw can be fixed with a lock. We have provided nuts / bolts or key screws.We also provide the necessary wrenches to help you carry out the advanced assembly. We currently do not provide assembly services. However, the detailed assembly instructions are already included in the package and goods.

Let’s join ART CLASSIC to realize all the furniture for your needs.


Why choose ART CLASSIC | Presenting the best quality and best services for our customers are our main target. We do with neatly, in time, and with a wholehearted to process our product. Thus, it becomes the right choice to have a business partnership with us considering below points:

Beside of processed by artisan craftsmanship, we have equipped with machinery during the production. This machinery process will maintain speed, accuracy, and precision during producing your order.

Why choose ART CLASSIC | We have been in the furniture industry for more than two decades. We create furniture, lighting and crafts from various materials such as mahogany, mindi, teak, natural rattan, natural fibers, synthetic and metals in a variety of designs. We have expertise in this business supported by our professional team. Our loyal customers reach out to several countries, such as Bulgaria, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zeeland, Korea, Spain, USA, Canada, and many more.

Why choose ART CLASSIC | We fully realize that no matter beautiful the goods if it has defects or easily damage that will reduce the value. Therefore, we have solid quality control team in every line in our production to make sure the consistency quality according to our standard. We are supported with reliable craftsman and well manage production system which is taking a responsibility to check from raw material to ready product with details.

The abundant natural resources in Indonesia are one of the advantages for our experts to utilize the best and environmentally friendly natural ingredients with additional artistic touches from our designers’ original ideas that are specially designed through the research and creativity of our R & D team. Making these materials become extraordinary works while always maintaining quality and quality. With a collection of product designs of more than 600 series we are constantly creating new products that will not be the same design as other
brands. Making PT ART CLASSIC always ready to serve requests in the domestic and foreign markets.

Water hyacinth, sea grass, banana leaf, teak branch, cocostick, abaca leaf, stone, wood and rattan is the main material of our furniture, lighting and craft products. Those materials actually wasted, with our creativity and brilliant idea we brings into worldwide product. Our production help our environment to make wasted into more value product. Moreover, we use eco-friendly finishing material using water base as a solvent. Weaving material and finishing paint both are safe for our workers and environmental.

Consultation on a different design is part of our service, because we understand what you want from our consumers on a unique and exclusive design.

Why choose ART CLASSIC | We assure that our price is competitive with other competitors in market regards to the quality. We provide wholesale price with high quality.

Why choose ART CLASSIC | We always give our best services with our best agent. We provide with manner and assist our customer from very first deal to the end. in addition, we open with further discussion for any complaint about our product.


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