Frequently Asked Questions

WHY ORDER WITH ART CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL ? Best Customer Service – YOU are our top priority –

In the world of furniture, a lot of players and companies offer products with enticing ads. At Art Classic International, we guarantee a quality experience through reviews and price matching. Remember that it is extremely important to deal with a company that responds to all issues, whether positive or negative, and sees to the customers needs. We provide superior service from the time of the order until ensuring the customer is happy with their purchase after delivery.

You want to start? Check out online reviews for any given Furniture Company. With the growing popularity of forums and review sites, the internet is a great resource to evaluate your options. Keep in mind that price matching is often based off reputation and on equal terms. Think of it this way: if a company has poor online reviews due to customer dissatisfaction, ordering from them is considered a risk.

If the competitor products offer much cheaper prices than us, there will likely be a problem with carelessness quality, service or shipping. To that end, we match prices based competitors levels of quality as they compare to our own. Beware unbelievable prices because they cost you in other ways and lead to undesirable experiences. In our company, all we are doing with the values ​​of honesty,

The bottom line is that companies with unbelievable prices often cost in quality and customer experience. Always check reviews and pay close attention to how companies respond to them. If you want a company to match a competitor’s price, make sure the match includes types of delivery and levels of quality service. Art Classic International handles all issues and resolves everything to the customer’s satisfaction. We always respond quickly and honestly to customer reviews of any kind.

WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY YEARS AFTER YOUR PURCHASE We don’t just want to sell you a piece of furniture or decor, we want to help bring something new (or antique) into your life and home that helps create the environment you dream of. we will serve you and make it happen suit your expectation. Having the right information, both before and after you buy, is the key to a successful purchase. The right information before you buy helps you make a better choice for your lifestyle, as all are different. The knowledge after you buy helps to make your purchase last a lifetime. We want you to have the right information, our blog is full of information on everything from materials to styles, trends and colors, to after purchase care of every kind – and we’re always adding more! There is a lot of information out there, and it can get very overwhelming and confusing. We want you to have the right information, and our expert writer tries to cover as much as possible, but if you don’t find what you are looking for on our blog, you can always contact us by email, and we’ll find the answer you’re looking for!

HOW DO I PLACE AN ORDER? Please contact us for you to place your order, along with accepting multiple types of payment forms. We accept payment by TT ( telegraphic transfer) or LC ( Letter of Credit ) at sight irrevocable . We want you to feel at ease and know you are being taken care of, and want you to place your order in the most comfortable method to you. You can order directly via our website 24 hour a day 7 days a week, by fax Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm EST at +62.291.4529.9909. If you have any questions about placing an order, you can email us via our contact page. We strive to get your order delivered to you as special as possible in our service. Our standard delivery time for process production is 4-6 weeks depending on the quantity order items needs for shipping. Furniture orders that leave our warehouse are fully inspected separately by multiple staff members to ensure quality before packing for shipment

WHAT ITEMS ARE CUSTOMIZABLE? Just about everything on our site can be customized, including all wood items and cast bronze statues. Don’t see something on our site to your liking, we can still customize it for you. Please send to us by email your images, draft sketch or Sketch by AUTO CAD with detail dimensions, and how you would like to make it your own. We invite you to fill out our custom order estimate form and we will respond as quickly as possible, typically within 48 hours, or 2 business days.

WHAT CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS DO I HAVE? We can customize your project in just about every way you can think of. Don’t like the shape of a table top, but like the base? We can change the shape, size, color, finish, and trim. Not a big fan of a particular carving? We can also custom carve many images/shapes to match your desires.

WHAT IF I DON’T SEE AN OPTION I’D LIKE? Don’t see a stain/paint, upholstery, marble/granite, or hardware you like? We welcome our customers to send their own materials (COM) to our craftsman. Unfortunately we cannot procure any materials, or ship them for you. In certain cases, if you do not see a finish, upholstery, or hardware option you’d like, we can check for other choices, but we strive to keep our site updated with our latest options.

WHAT RAW MATERIALS ARE AVAILABLE FOR CUSTOMIZATION? Don’t like how a particular piece looks, or the material it’s made from? You can customize just about everything we sell on, and that includes the wood type your project is made from. We try to offer a variety of solid woods for customization options, our current selections include: • Mahogany • Teak • Mindi Wood • Suar Wood

If you have a particular species of wood you would like used that we do not offer, you are welcome to send it to our craftsman at your own expense. Unfortunately we cannot procure any species we do not already offer, and cannot offer shipment for you.

HOW LONG DOES THE CUSTOM ORDER PROCESS TAKE? From drawings to delivery, our custom order process takes approximately 6 months, barring any further customization or changes you would like made once the process has begun. Any changes to the project, once work has begun, will severely change the expected delivery date as the piece must be started from scratch. We do ask at many different points through-out the custom process for you to look at how the work is coming, and for you to approve of the work being done. This is to ensure you end up with the final piece of your dreams, and that our craftsman are following your desires to the letter, as well as to ensure our craftsman productivity to meet all delivery deadlines.