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What are teak wood

What are teak wood grades and why they are important

Teak grade is a common way of determining teak wood’s quality and therefore pricing. Teak furniture usually indicates the grade of the wood used to make it. The grades that teak wood may have are A, B or C where A has the highest quality and price while C is the lowest quality and pricing.

Teak wood graded A is wood is taken from the heart of the trunk where teak oil is more concentrated. Also A grade teak has more silica and rubber making it more resistant to water and insects.

Coming from the heart of the teak log also means that you wont find knots on the wood. This means that the wood’s texture is more uniform and resistant. Color is also deeper boasting a gorgeous golden brown difficult to find. A grade teak wood is about ten times more expensive than than C or B grade teak. Less than 20 percent of a teak tree is considered A grade teak.

Teak wood graded B is also great. Its quality is not as high as A grade teak but its still fine for furniture. B grade teak wood is taken from the outer part of the heart of the tree. It still has a good concentration of natural oil. The color is a bit lighter than the one you find in A grade teak wood. The touch is not as smooth and is less shiny than A grade.

C grade teak is taken from the outer part of the teak log. It is the lowest quality teak that you will find, also the cheaper. Many cheap Teak furniture is made from this type of wood. Knots and flaws are common. The grain is not so tight making this grade of teak a bit less resistant than B and A grade teak. C grade teak is still a great wood. It is waterproof and very resistant to insects but the overall wood quality is a bit lower.

Teak wood is always a great choice, however, whenever possible you should consider buying the highest grade you can afford to ensure you are getting the best in quality.

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