Wood Furniture manufacturer for Living & Dining solid wood furniture. Buy quality wooden furniture, sofas, table and chair, kitchens, beds, bathroom Furniture. ART CLASSIC is a wood furniture manufacturer for Living & Dining solid wood furniture. Buy quality wooden furniture, sofas, tables and chairs, kitchens, beds, bathroom furniture.

We offer a range of sustainable, hand-crafted outdoor and indoor furniture made from teak, pine, and other natural materials with a rustic finish. We’re happy to collaborate with you to create new or develop our existing designs to suit your market needs. We’re also open for contract and project orders.

Indonesian teak   furniture is a great option if you are looking for wooden outdoor products which have great value over the price. Indonesian forests are one of the few countries in the world that produce the best quality teak wood, so you will get high quality wooden material for your   furniture products. Beside good quality material, Indonesia is famous for wood working culture which means good craftsmanship. In our city JEPARA in Central Java, that was well known worldwide for wood carving skill that has been especially passed on from generations.

We have many experiences of producing and sending out containers of teak outdoor furniture products to American and European markets. Most of them are small to medium furniture stores and also some project managers who need a custom made furniture design which is perfect in our vision. we make classic design outdoor furniture that you may have known and seen in the regular market, but we are constantly developing new designs to give more and fresh options to our customers.

Why Choose ART CLASSIC Furniture and Craft?


Produce Your
Home Decoration and Furniture

We are as a supplier, manufacturer and exporter of fine wooden furniture to many countries has produced many products as customer’s order and offer a wide range of beautiful home decoration & furniture which all have an elegant look.


The Power of Furniture and Home Decoration in your home

We make beautiful home & garden with furniture and home decoration for everyday living and modern-day homes. We build collections that tell inspiring stories with innovative design and best quality, yet remain affordable and stylish. With the customer at the heart of our business, we work with passion, consideration and skill to ensure ART CLASSIC delivers our products to our people to create beautiful, harmonious homes, made for living.



Conserving SustainableNatural Resources

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