About Us

About Us

Services from us as your sourcing agent or as your trading company
  • Personalized service
  • Large range of product
  • Customer own design
  • Custom made product
  • Sample and prototype.
  • Mood-boards
  • Create the look
  • Product sourcing
  • Shipping and Logistic

Recent Product

Our Service

Product Sourcing.

Art Classic Indonesia organizes sourcing trips for clients who visit Indonesia. Sourcing (and buying) trips give clients the opportunity to visit multiple factories and view many different product types and/or styles thereby  making the product selection process much easier. Art Classic Indonesia has a vast knowledge of Java, Bali dan Nusa Tenggara Barat. We will take you to the best suppliers for your requested items.

Quality Control

Our quality control staff will usually do three visits or more in one week if needed to the suppliers to ensure all is going as planned and is finished on time. They will check all measurements are correct and colours match the colour samples we are working with. If it is a wooden item we will perform a moisture test to ensure the wood moisture is at an acceptable level for export. Once the product is matching the specs of the order, the product the Quality  Control staff will photograph the item and will sent the image through email or WhatsApp for you to visually check and approve.

Shipping & Handling Service

Art Classic Indonesia has been organizing and managing shipping services for clients from all over the world for over 12 years. Our strategic partnership  with Schenker Logistic and selected customs brokers makes the job of delivery as simple as possible for you and your company. We can work with you to handle all of your shipping needs if required.

For many clients particularly in Java we provide labeling, packaging and  stuffing monitoring services at the factories to ensure that the factories follow  the client’s requests before the container is sealed and trucked to port.

Come to distinctive craft Indonesia

Now that you have booked your shopping trip to see us, below we have listed  some details on where to stay that’s going to be suitable for a business traveler and most importantly the good places you can eat at from a locals perspective.

Personal Shopping Services

If you are building or renovating and plan to visit Jepara to source for furniture, building materials, artwork, lighting or garden décor etc – then you have come to the right place. Art Classic Indonesia can assist with all of  your personal shopping and shipping needs.

Shopping services

Our personal shopping services are based on 5 or 8 hour programs, including  an air-conditioned car with trained drivers, and a dedicated Account Manager who will help you with finding the items that you are  looking to buy. You will be introduced to a wide range of suppliers and  manufacturers –  depending on your needs. You can even email us prior to your visit and share details of any custom designs that you’re looking to find. (Not applicable to fashion, fashion accessories, handicrafts or gift items). Custom orders are always welcome.

Buyer Preferred Products

Who We Are

Art Classic Indonesia strives to provide services for clients with the most professional sourcing and order management services in Indonesia. We are also appointed to coordinate market development, design and management  of furniture and handicraft SMEs in Indonesia who were selected to be SME fostered by LPEI Indonesia Exim Bank . This shows that Art Classic Indonesia PT is able to manage SME furniture and crafts both in terms of product quality improvement, strong coordination management and product design development. Because currently LPEI Indonesia Exim Bank has entrusted Art Classic Indonesia to develop the export market of more than 56 SMEs from all over Indonesia with more than 1000 design of furniture and handicraft products heading to the export market. Our clients recognize the added value and additional services we provide and that is why we have so many old clients and regular customers. Because the security and convenience of working with us is more secure and you can easily communicate with us at any time either to coordinate your order or just discuss for the development of your custom design in the future.

Identity & Mission

Art Classic Indonesia caters to the needs of wholesale, retail and hospitality buyers from around the world who provide sourcing, sample development,  order management, quality control, shipping, and special order fulfillment services. Founded in 2006, Art Classic Indonesia PT is a company registered in Indonesia with offices in Jakarta and Jepara, Central Java. Whether from visiting suppliers with our team, from our extensive catalog of more than 10,000 products or from your special design, we strive to provide the best quality products at the lowest prices on the market. We do business with retail and wholesale clients, restaurants, resort and hotel companies, interior designers and project managers, as well as procurement companies that require specialized products and services.
We are an innovative and ethical company and work closely with our local communities throughout Indonesia to promote the furniture and home accessory industry in Indonesia and its legacy. We have worked with LPEI Financial Institutions Bank Indonesia Exim Bank and a non-profit organization from Helsinki Finland on an export promotion program for the European region. We have extensive knowledge of the Indonesian export market and are proud of our business roots in Indonesia.

Our Strength

Young, experienced and highly energized staff. Global and long term thinking with professionalism. We are absolutely customer friendly by having long-term and highly valued relationship with them.

To be the preferred supplier furniture and handicrafts of choice for all sourcing requirements across the markets we operate. ‘Innovation’ and ‘Customer Focus’ will be our main pillars to bring value to our overall business.


  • Discover, train, inspire furniture and handicrafts manufacturers to supply the world with quality pieces of furniture and handicrafts. Grow our network by delivering quality goods on the most constant and efficient way.

  • To become a global trading company by bridging the gap for all international customers with our furniture and handicrafts.

  • To set and carry out the highest standards of customer satisfaction on each product and service specially Indonesian furniture and handicrafts product .

To adopt a customer centric approach across our business processes with a special focus on: START

  • Speed ​​of Service

  • Team Work

  • Agility

  • Respect

  • Transparency

Our Team

Art Classic Indonesia strives to provide clients with professional sourcing and buying services available in Indonesia. Our clients recognize the high value added services that we provide and are very enthusiastic about working with us.