Why Work With Us

Why work with us?
We understand that we are not the only sourcing and buying agent out there,  and that you have a variety of options when selecting a partner. Please check out our Questions To Ask Your Buying Agent resource as a minimum standard guide when selecting a buying agent. Here’s why we feel you’ll be making the smart choice  by working with us:

Since 2006, Art Classic Indonesia has assisted businesses of all sizes with  their sourcing and buying needs. If you have worked with other agents before  and found yourself walking them through the process, you will  understand what difference a professional and experienced team makes. Let  our  experience guide you through the process of sourcing from Indonesia.

The greatest evidence of experience and professionalism is in the clients that  a company has worked with and even more importantly retains. Check out  our client list here for reliable online references.

Art Classic Indonesia raises the bar for sourcing and buying agents in that we are a professional organization with first-class facilities, products and  services. Unlike many outfits in Indonesia that may be part-time interests, we
are here 24 hours a day to respond to our customers’ needs. Our first-time  customers are often astounded by our attention to detail and level at  communication.

Quality & Value
At Art Classic Indonesia, we do not believe that quality and price are  mutually exclusive. Our extensive network of suppliers and producer groups throughout Indonesia enables us to source and manufacture any product to your price requirements. Our experienced team rigorously quality controls every order to ensure your investments meet your long-term value goals. Our customers regularly comment that the quality of product they receive from us far exceeds their expectations. If you want pleasant surprises only, work with  us.

Transparency & Flexibility
At Art Classic Indonesia we objectively pursue the interests of our customers  at all times. We have no affiliation with any manufacturer or trading group in Indonesia, so our recommendations are not based on any specific special relationships. All of our fees and costs are made clear before we begin working with our customers so you will never see any unexpected charges creeping in to your final invoices.

We also understand that buyers are wary when working with a buying agent  for the first time, particularly one based in a foreign country such as Indonesia. We are happy to provide whatever information and/or assurances you need including client references as needed.

Peace of Mind
Not only do we manage your orders from start to finish, we make sure that you do not need to worry about any ethical issues surrounding from where your products come from. Our company with the have been fostered by the Indonesia Exim Bank LPEI Financial Institution and other non-profit based organizations on export promotion programs from Helsinki Finland, for over 12 years developing ethical trading standards and improving the working conditions of producer groups across Indonesia. Art Classic Indonesia customers have the peace of mind of knowing that these same ethical trading standards are present in every item they source with us.