Who We Are

Art Classic Indonesia strives to provide services for clients with the most professional sourcing and order management services in Indonesia. We are also appointed to coordinate market development, design and management  of furniture and handicraft SMEs in Indonesia who were selected to be SME fostered by LPEI Indonesia Exim Bank . This shows that Art Classic Indonesia PT is able to manage SME furniture and crafts both in terms of product quality improvement, strong coordination management and product design development. Because currently LPEI Indonesia Exim Bank has entrusted Art Classic Indonesia to develop the export market of more than 56 SMEs from all over Indonesia with more than 1000 design of furniture and handicraft products heading to the export market. Our clients recognize the added value and additional services we provide and that is why we have so many old clients and regular customers. Because the security and convenience of working with us is more secure and you can easily communicate with us at any time either to coordinate your order or just discuss for the development of your custom design in the future.

Identity & Mission

Art Classic Indonesia caters to the needs of wholesale, retail and hospitality buyers from around the world who provide sourcing, sample development,  order management, quality control, shipping, and special order fulfillment services. Founded in 2006, Art Classic Indonesia PT is a company registered in Indonesia with offices in Jakarta and Jepara, Central Java. Whether from visiting suppliers with our team, from our extensive catalog of more than 1,000 products or from your special design, we strive to provide the best quality products at the lowest prices on the market. We do business with retail and wholesale clients, restaurants, resort and hotel companies, interior designers and project managers, as well as procurement companies that require specialized products and services.
We are an innovative and ethical company and work closely with our local communities throughout Indonesia to promote the furniture and home accessory industry in Indonesia and its legacy. We have worked with LPEI Financial Institutions Bank Indonesia Exim Bank and a non-profit organization from Helsinki Finland on an export promotion program for the European region. We have extensive knowledge of the Indonesian export market and are proud of our business roots in Indonesia.