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Art Classic Indonesia strives to provide service for clients with the most professional sourcing and order management services in Indonesia. Our clients recognize the added value and added services that we provide and that is why we have so many long standing clients and repeat customers.

Identity & Mission
Art Classic Indonesia caters to the needs of wholesale, retail and hospitality buyers from around the globe providing sourcing, sample development, order
management, quality control, shipping and custom order fulfillment services. Founded in 2006, Art Classic Indonesia PT is a Indonesia registered  company with offices in Jakarta and Jepara, Central Java. Whether from visiting suppliers with our team, from our extensive catalog containing over  1,000 products or from your custom design(s), we strive to provide the finest quality products at the market’s lowest prices. We conduct business with retail and wholesale clients, restaurants, resort and hotel companies, interior designers and project managers, as well as procurement companies requiring custom products and services. We are an innovative and ethical company and work closely with our local communities throughout Indonesia promoting the Indonesian furniture and home accessories industry and its heritage. We have worked with the have been fostered by the Indonesia Exim Bank LPEI Financial Institution and other non-profit based organizations on export promotion programs from Helsinki Finland. We have extensive knowledge of the Indonesian export market and are proud of our Indonesian roots as a  business.

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