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A Full Service Solution
Art Classic Indonesia offers the most professional and affordable full service solution for all of your order management needs. We have more 10 years of experience in sourcing, designing and developing samples, providing top level quality control services, managing packaging, labeling and shipping, and generally upholding the 5 star standards required while working with a wide range of international clients and customers. Art Classic Indonesia has the proven track record and catalog of experience to handle all of your sourcing and order management needs. We make the job of buying in Indonesia easy for you.
Our core services to our clients provide the end-to-end solution for your business needs in Indonesia:

Art Classic Indonesia organizes sourcing trips for clients that visit Indonesia.
Sourcing (and buying) trips give clients the opportunity to visit multiple factories and view many different product types and/or styles thereby  making the product selection process much easier. Art Classic Indonesia has a vast knowledge Java and Indonesia we will take you to the best suppliers for your requested items.

Sample Development
Art Classic Indonesia works with factories and suppliers on samples for a  wide variety of product types, diverse projects and clients. We work closely with our clients and suppliers from start to finish of the sample development process. We understand the attention to detail required when developing samples and are able to manage the back and forth communication that is so often required in order to make sure the products are manufactured correctly.

Order Management
Once a PO is issued or an order list is finalized, Art Classic Indonesia provides clients with ongoing production updates throughout and also  conducts early QC checks to identify any serious production flaws for fixing prior to final stage QC checks.

Quality Control
Professional quality control services are critical when purchasing furniture  and home accessories and Art Classic Indonesia has one of the most experienced QC teams in Indonesia. Our team does multiple QC checks throughout the production process including early QC checks and multiple stage final QC checks. Also, Art Classic Indonesia generally does not do AQL sampling – we inspect every single item and MC test every single item as  required.

Labeling, Packaging & Shipping
For many clients particularly in Java we provide labeling, packaging and stuffing monitoring services at the factories to ensure that the factories follow the client’s requests before the container is sealed and trucked to port.
In Indonesia we work closely with our shipping partner Schenker Logistic to  make sure that each container is packaged and consolidated as requested by the client. This is particularly critical if there is a priority product list per order as we ensure that priority products do not become part of the back  order if any.

Reliable Communication
At Art Classic Indonesia we believe that regular and professional  communication is the most important service we provide to our clients. Our client account managers are regularly providing clients with email updates from suppliers as well as from our team in the field so that you always know what is happening on the ground at all times.

Consolidated Orders
We have years of experience of managing orders that consist of many different types of products, materials, and suppliers for retailers, wholesalers, hotels, restaurants and other related businesses. Consolidated orders require experience in order management, planning, quality control, management of suppliers and packaging and stuffing coordination.
Above all, timing is crucial with consolidated orders and we have the experience and track record of delivering orders as promised when promised.

Customized Order & Project Work
Our customized product services are the best in the country. Many of our  clients require customized products and of course much of our work related to projects (hotel, restaurant, hospitality, etc.) is based around customized products. We provide complimentary graphic design services, 3D renderings, sample development with no minimum orders or hidden fees. Our team of designers have created customized furniture pieces, tabletop items, hospitality pieces and much more for some of the most recognized hotels, restaurants, retailers and wholesalers in the world.
In particular with projects, we have experience working with project managers to develop and end-to-end solution for furniture and accessory items for hotel, villa, restaurant and other related hospitality projects.

5 Star Global Standards
We understand the quality expectations of International companies around the globe because we work with those companies every day. We are a US company with foreign and Indonesian employees based in Indonesia and Java with a strict adherence to quality, reliability and timely delivery. These are the main reasons for our long-standing relationships with our global clients.

Small Quantity Orders
At Art Classic Indonesia we mostly deal with full container load orders but  are more than happy to discuss with clients about smaller LCL orders. The same attention to detail, planning and high quality services are given to all of our clients regardless of the volume of their orders.