What is Art Classic Indonesia?
Art Classic Indonesia is a Indonesia registered company based in Jepara and  Jakarta that provides full service sourcing solutions for furniture and home accessory buyers, including wholesalers, retailers, hotels, restaurants, spas, villa developments and private individuals. We specialize in sourcing, sample development, order management, quality control and shipping services.

Who do you work with?
We work with many different types of businesses and individuals but mostly with wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, hotels, villa and property developers.  Our clients include some of the most recognizable brands and names in  their respective industries – in wholesale, resale and hospitality.

Where do most of your clients come from?
We have clients from all over the world but most of our clients are concentrated in the US, Western Europe and Australia.

What is your minimum order quantity?
Art Classic Indonesia’s minimum order quantity is 10,000 USD. Please note,  we bring the same level of professionalism and quality to small and large  orders alike.

What services do you offer?
Full Service Solutions – As your agent we provide you with the services that your business needs, including product sourcing, sample development,  production monitoring and quality control and labeling, packaging, stuffing monitoring. For projects we work with you on concept designs and product selections to make sure that your business is getting the quality and designs it requires.

Sourcing & Buying Trips – We offer sourcing and buying trips in Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara for professional buyers. A Art Classic Indonesia account manager accompanies you and takes you to the factories and suppliers that meet your product needs. We organize everything for you and you get to explore and discover the wide variety of products available throughout Indonesia.

How long is production time?
This depends on several factors including materials, quantity and levels of customization, but generally 6-8 weeks.

How long is delivery time?
Again, it depends on the delivery port and the respective countries customs clearance procedures but generally, 4-6 weeks . Please visit our shipping section for more details here.

Where and who are your suppliers?
Most of our suppliers and factories are located in Bali and Java. Our  suppliers are high quality producers and manufacturers that have met our stringent standards for quality, consistency and ethical business practices. Our vendor list contains a wide range of factories and suppliers providing many different types of products. Whatever a client’s target product and pricing, we know the factories and suppliers suited to their needs.

What are your quality control measures?
Our quality control team is the best in Indonesia. We maintain good relationships with our suppliers and our team is present throughout every  stage of the production process to ensure quality and consistency. We do quality control checks and MC tests as needed throughout and provide reporting to our clients following inspections.

Can you do customized products?
Art Classic Indonesia assists many clients with customized product and sample development for a wide range of product types. We specialize in working with the suppliers to ensure that the product is manufactured to your specifications.

What are your supplier’s payment terms?
It depends on the supplier. In Java payment terms vary – some factories can process Letters of Credit and/or CAD and others require a 30% deposit in  order to start production. In Bali it is almost exclusively 50% deposit required at start of production and 50% balance payment required before release of the products.

What guarantees do you offer in regards to that first down payment?
If Art Classic Indonesia is distributing your deposits to suppliers, we will do so with the utmost care and transparency. We have not built our long client  list and had our business for over 10 years by taking peoples money. We are a
registered US and Indonesian business. Clients sign a contract providing legal recourse in instances of dispute for both parties thereby protecting you and your company. However, if you would like more assurances, we do offer customer and other referrals upon request.

In what currency do you suppliers invoice?
Invoicing is done in either Indonesian rupiah or US dollars depending on  your preference.

What are my shipping options?
There are a wide range of shipping options in Art Classic Indonesia  partners with Schenker Logistic and many of our clients choose to use this company as their shipping solution. Of course there is no obligation to use Schenker Logistic when working with us. Please visit our shipping section to find out more details here.

Is shipping included in my invoice?
Shipping costs will not be included in your invoice. If you wish Art Classic Indonesia to handle your shipping and logistics needs, we will be happy to do so.

What about insurance related to my order?
Most reputable shipping companies offer a 2% insurance fee in order to  insure an order. If you are interested in purchasing insurance related to your order(s), we also highly recommend that you seek additional insurance in your home country for the goods once they arrive. Most insurance related to sea transportation expires within days of arrival at the home country port.

Are there any additional costs that Art Classic Indonesia places on an order?
There are no additional fees other than our commission fee which is calculated based on the total value of your order(s).

Will I have to pay customs / import tax / VAT once my order  arrives in my country?
It depends on the country and the items included in your order. In the UK and Germany right now for example – VAT is 20% and 19% respectively but not for all items (for example, wooden products). Art Classic Indonesia will be happy to assist you in determining all import tax and/or VAT related costs associated with your order.

For your information, VAT is usually calculated by combining total order costs, plus insurance and shipping cost multiplied by the VAT rate.

Where are you located in Indonesia?
The Art Classic Indonesia office in Jepara is located at Art Classic Indonesia PT.,  Jalam Wakhid Hasyim No : 112, Saripan Jepara, Central Java Indonesia. Office Meeting Room Jakarta :Indonesia Eximbank Meeting Room SME Prosperity Tower, 1st floor District 8, SCBD, Lot 28, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53,Jakarta Selatan 12190.

Can I come and view the office and meet with you?
We encourage anyone who is in Bali or Java to come visit our office. We are happy to meet with you and show you around our offices. As an SI client you can also feel free to utilize our office (Internet, telephone, fax, etc.) for any of your business and/or administrative needs while you are here in Indonesia.