Product Sourcing

Sourcing Buying Trips
Art Classic Indonesia organizes sourcing trips for clients who visit Indonesia.
Sourcing (and buying) trips give clients the opportunity to visit multiple factories and view many different product types and/or styles thereby making the product selection process much easier. Art Classic Indonesia has a vast knowledge of Java, Bali dan Nusa Tenggara Barat. We will take you to the best suppliers for your requested items.

Sourcing In Java
For clients sourcing in Java, before arrival a preliminary factory list is  prepared for review and the Art Classic Indonesia team meets with factories to discuss any client terms and requirements. After the itinerary is finalized, an Art Classic Indonesia client account manager accompanies you throughout the trip visiting factories and assisting in discussions and  negotiations with suppliers. Following the trip a final sourcing report is  submitted to the client and next steps begin including quotation and sample development requests.

Sourcing In Bali and Nuisa Tenggara.
For clients sourcing in Bali, we organize buying trips based on clients’ requests and product preferences. Art Classic Indonesia has a vast knowledge  of the island and we will take you to the best suppliers for your requested items. An SI client account manager accompanies you throughout the trip maintaining item lists and quotations. Following the trip, the SI team puts together the product list, which includes all products from all suppliers from the trip with pricing for review by the client.

Often clients like to meet before leaving Bali to go through the entire product list and discuss pricing and next steps with the Art Classic Indonesia client account manager. This also can be done upon returning home via email or  phone.

Step of your trip
We will begin with an initial briefing on your wish list. We will then prepare a comprehensive list of suppliers that we will transport you around Java-Bali-Nusa Tenggara Barat in our spacious comfortable vehicles. With our experience we know the best suppliers at the right prices. If you are not able to make it to Indonesia, no problem. We can take care of everything on your behalf and can do it all remotely sending you images and at times doing video calls on WhatsApp at the suppliers location so you can see the item you are looking for.

After you choose the items you want, our team will collect the data, photograph and size everything, and then will prepare a detailed listing for you to keep track of the volume of your order with our state of the art software that was designed specifically by us for our industry.

Once above steps are finished we will email you your final order and request a 50% deposit to start production or hold items you have chosen from ready stock. Our team will then go to each supplier with detailed information on  how you want your goods finished. Of course coming here is the fun part and we have lots of fun with our clients rummaging through old warehouses finding that special item!