Minimum order for handicraft and home wares is $3000.00 USD. Orders less than $3000.00 USD are subject to a USD $150 order fee exclusive of shipping costs.

All pricing is quoted on per container basis. Should your order be less than a container, a handling fee of USD $150 will be charged. All images and prices shown on this website are indicative only and will be confirmed on placing an order.

We require upfront payment of 50% on placing your order and the balance is due upon pickup from supplier, usually two weeks before the goods are shipped. Please note that we will not place any orders with suppliers until all deposits have been paid. This can be paid in cash or bank transfer.

As a general standard, allow four to six weeks of production time for most items i.e .: Wooden Kitchenware Handicraft, Home Decoration, Wooden Hotel Amenities, etc. For furniture, we stipulate a minimum of ten weeks on wooden furniture items and one to two weeks for collection, quality control processes, packing, and loading of the goods. However, sometimes if your order is larger we will need to revise the production time on a case by case basis. For more info please email us:

This is the most important part of our collection process. We have a zero tolerance for any faulty products that are sent from the suppliers. Should we find imperfections or breakages in your items, we will reject it on your behalf from the supplier and advise you accordingly. If stocks are available, we will replace the product immediately for you, or on your notification, we will back order the item for your next container. Our staff are very stringent and specific on this process to ensure you get it what you ordered.

All invoicing will be issued from Indonesia from Art Classic Indonesia PT. One invoice per shipment will be supplied for export purposes. This invoice will be given to the export shipping company, who will then issue a shipping invoice for your country’s customs and quarantine departments.

As your agent, we take all care and no responsibility for any issues for your product once it has left our hands. We will, however, take these issues to the supplier and try our best for replacement stock, providing you can give us good photographic evidence. Please note that it is generally accepted when exporting, these are the risks you take.

Communication is the key factor at all times to ensure that the quality is maintained in your orders if you have issues. Please note that as you are buying from overseas, the suppliers are not responsible for any shipping  sending costs if they have agreed to replace an item.

We spend a great deal of time, effort and money in sourcing products for you. In some instances, we will need to provide you with contact information of our manufacturers for the development of your products. Once we provide you with this information, we must insist that it is agreed that you will not contact them to purchase directly. If you do this, you may be in breach of our trading terms, and we may seek legal advice to recover lost monies from you.

We also respect that you have suppliers, and that we will work as your agents, and that you will entrust us with strictly confidential information. Please understand that a very high level of confidentiality is maintained at all times. And should you wish to partake in a confidentiality agreement, we will be  more than happy to do this with you.

When depositing funds into our account, a receiving fee of $30 USD is charged to us by our bank. This fee is added on to your invoice.

An agent fee of 20% is payable for all goods shipped in a single container. This fee is listed separately, so you avoid any additional taxes on import into your country. This fee is exclusive of shipping costs.

Should you want us to work exclusively for a period of time for you on development of a product or sourcing, a fee of $300 USD per day is charged for an 8 hour period.

Should you require us to travel to another part of Indonesia or Asia, you will be required to pay the following: a day rate of $300 USD for management staff, a fee of $60 USD per staff member, $90 USD per day per person for incidentals (meals, taxi fares, etc), accommodation, air fare, airport departure fees and taxes, car rental and fuel.

We can ship samples to you. However, they will be charged at the normal buying price and not on a container price, as we cannot get quantity pricing until the item has been ordered in bulk. All shipping costs for samples are borne  by you.

We encourage you to still travel to Indonesia a minimum of once per year — preferably 2 times — to keep yourself in touch with what is happening. A daily charge of 500,000 IDR is charged for a car and driver for an 8 hour period. If no orders are placed on the day, then a fee of Rp 3,000,000 is charged and rebated against your first order.